After analyzing other keyboard layouts like colemak, workman, and norman, I came to find that I could get most of the benefits of these layouts without switching to them by simply swapping the I and U keys on my current layout, Dvorak. In fact Dvorak with IU swapped performed better than some of these layouts in certain situations.

So I created (I wasn't the first) the Dvorak keyboard layout with the IU keys swapped. I have been using this modified keyboard layout sense 2009 and have been pleased.

It makes sense because 'I' is much more frequent in English than 'U' so putting it directly under a finger on the home row seems obvious. With this new layout I theoretically move my fingers less than on the traditional Dvorak layout.

It took me about a week and a half of using this new layout until I was up to my old speed on the official Dvorak layout.

If you are interested here are the layout files for Mac and PC:

For Mac: Download this file Dvorak IU Switch Mac and run the package. It will place the keyboard layout file in /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ . Next logout and log back in and then select the keyboard layout in Settings -> Keyboard -> Input Sources

For PC Download this file Dvorak IU Switch PC Open setup.exe. Then select the keyboard layout in the input sources.

For Linux Download this file Dvorak IU Switch for Linux Replace the us file here /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols with the one downloaded above. Then in your settings choose the regular dvorak layout, it will be the dvorak i-u switched version. The dvorak part has been replaced by the IU switch version. This is the quickest way to do this I have found.