The Four Core Values of a Successful Company

The four values I believe are key to the longterm success of any company are:

  1. Openness
  2. Autonomy
  3. Curiosity
  4. Transparency

The more a company chooses to implement these values the more it will succeed, and more importantly the more the people working there will experience high levels of work satisfaction.


When we focus on results we can focus on what really matters and drop the things that don't, and when we make those results open to everyone, inside and outside the company, everyone stands to benefit. What matters is the results of your work, less so where or when or how you work. When the key metrics of a company are clear and open we can begin to start optimizing for what is important, we can see the positive impact we are having on the company and the positive impact the company is having on others. This goes beyond simple revenue charts.


The freedom to choose where we work, how we work, and when we work. This creates an atmosphere of trust and respect. This also fosters an async first communication culture, which when mastered allows a company to excel in the global market.


Foster learning for personal and professional growth. A company that has curiosity at its heart is always helping those in it to learn and grow, try new things and innovate. Learning and growth is important as everything is constantly changing, to be successful we must prioritize and embrace learning and growth.


Information asymmetry fosters adversarial relationships. When everyone knows how much everyone is making and the company books are open it creates an amazing atmosphere of trust and respect.

Some links that inspired this thinking: